The ASEAN (AJCCN) virtual meeting was held on 26th November, 2020. The president, Vice-president and members of Myanmar Nursing and Midwifery Council participated the virtual meeting from office of the Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council. In the morning session the following matters were discussed among the member countries:

1. AJCCN annual work plan 2016-2025
2. ASEAN Core Competencies and National core Competencies.
3.  Mapping Core Conpetencies to National Qualification Framework (NQF)
4.  Mechanism of Mobility for ASEAN Nurses
5. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system for License Renewal
    for Nursrs and Midwives.
6. Networking between NRA
7. AJCCN database
8. Statistical database on ASEAN workforce.
9. AJCCN focal point
Daw Nwe Nwe khin, the president of the MNMC presented the Roles and Challenges of Nurses and Midwives in Covid-19 Responses in Myanmar. The power point slides of this presentation was attached.

Agenda in the morning section