Welcome to Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council (MNMC) for the purpose of regulation on Nursing Midwifery Education and Services. The Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council was established since” The Midwives and Nurses Act “operationalised in 1st November 1922 in Burma Act X, 1922. The State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No 19/90 of The Union of Myanmar enacted nurse and midwife law on 14th Waning Day of Thadinkyut, 1352ME (17th October 1990).
The law was newly revised and enacted as Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council Law on 19th May 2015.



The Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council leads and regulates professional nursing and midwifery practice to provide the quality care abreast with ASEAN Level.


  • Regulate professional practice for the sage of public safety.
  • Maintain professional advanced education and quality service according to national and ASEAN core competency standards.
  • Up-lift professional morality through compliance with code of ethics and professional conduct.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with National and International Organizations.



  • To provide quality nursing and midwifery services in accordance with the National Health Policy.
  • To regulate, upgrade and maintain the standard of professional nursing an midwifery services.
  • To regulate quality nursing and midwifery practices through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • To supervise the practice of registered nurse, midwife and nurse – midwife according to the code of ethics and professional conduct.
  • To facilitate nursing and midwifery education and service through research and CNE.
  • To regulate the standard of nursing and midwifery institutions and educational programs in line with described Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Council accreditation guidelines
  • To coordinate and collaborate with regional and international organizations to abreast with advanced nursing technology


Authorities & Responsibilities

  1. Register and issue license for nurses, midwives, and nurse-midwives.
  2. Suspend or revoke a nursing, midwifery, or nurse-midwifery license.
  3. Approve and recommend the nursing, midwifery or nursing-midwifery curriculum and education program.
  4. Accredit academic Institution and training program to reach the International Level.
  5. Scrutinize and accept the nursing and midwifery profession.
  6. Urge to conduct continuing nursing education to upgrade competency of nurses, midwives and nurse-midwives.